I started this blog as a senior in college. I planned to talk about life, leadership, and all things running a non-profit. And then the unexpected happened. The journey of grief was handed to me with no roadmap, no guidance, and no justification. As I learned how to walk through the stages of grief- I dsicovered tools & outlets that promoted healing and strength. There was something so special to me about being vulnerable and transparent through the unknown, something empowering about being honest in the midst of pain and encouraged to see so many relate. I began to understand the vast majority of people living in the unexpected, living in the unknown.

Life’s hard. Days are tough and sometimes nights are even tougher. We’ve all got battles and brokenness and pain. There’s beauty in understanding our brokenness, there is beauty in knowing that other people are in pain too, and while I believe there is beauty in the brokenness- I don’t believe it’s enough beauty to keep us there.

Healing is calling. Freedom is ringing. We’ve got a calling to live free, to live healed, and to let God use our pain for good. We don’t have to do it alone though.

Oh, and by the way, I’m Emily 🙂


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