My name is Emily Hoisington and I am a senior at the College of Charleston. I grew up in Goose Creek, South Carolina. i originally started this blog to release my many frustrations and truths about college and everything that comes with it and then December 23, 2014 happened and my life was tragically turned upside down when the absolute love of my life dies suddenly while playing basketball.

Chad Cooke was the man of my dreams and I had the complete honor of loving him for two years. We were months away from being engaged and the morning he died, he was sitting at the table with his family looking at rings for our engagement.

I have been forced to see and feel pain that no one should face, especially at the age of 20 but I have also been forced to grow up in ways I new knew growing up was required of to make it through life.

This blog is my journal, my private, real, raw thoughts that I never imagined I would share with anyone but have found strength in know I am not alone and I hope others can read these posts and realize they too are not alone.

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